First Congregational Church, Parkersburg, Iowa


First Congregational Church, Parkersburg, Iowa

First Congregational Church is an active church located in the heart of Iowa.  “Congo” as it is often referred to by locals, reaches people of all ages through their various ministries.  Nash Street Designs wanted to create a website that reflected this.  Like many churches, Congo wanted to reach potential visitors with their website, but also use it as a valuable tool for their current parishioners.  They did some thinking outside of the box and we helped them to bring these ideas to life.

Some of these ideas include:

  • Creating a categorized list of resources that the church has on hand.  A page was created for each category.  You can see this here:
  • A password protected page for church reports.  This allows reports to easily accessed by church members, but not the entire public.
  • A password protected page for the music committee.  Instead of emailing music each week, the worship team can simply go to the website and find out which songs they need to practice.

Some features of the website include:

  • Custom photography by Nash Street Designs.  Much of the photography on Congo’s website was taken by us and edited to match the overall look and feel of the website.
  • Front page sliders created by us.  These sliders reflect the key points that Congo wanted to share.
  • The ability to upload and organize sermons based on preacher, book of the Bible, sermon series and topic.
  • A easy to use CMS and training.  Nash Street Designs uses WordPress for our websites due to it’s ease of use and ample resources for training.  Congo was given training by us on how to use WordPress and a user manual made specifically for their website.

Congratulations First Congregational Church of Parkersburg on the launch of your new website.  We pray that the website is a blessing to your ministry.