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Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Each website we create is responsive. That means that no matter what type of device you are accessing the website on, it will look great. From iPads, to desktops, to mobile phones, we make sure that your website looks as amazing as your organization. Depending on your organization’s needs, we may even create a mobile first responsive website. That means that we will create a website for mobile devices first and then make it responsive to other devices. No matter which route we take, rest assured we will create a website that is user friendly and attractive for every device.

WordPress CMS

WordPress is an easy to use content management system that allows clients to update information on their website whenever they want. In the old days of web design and development, clients would have to pay to have the website’s content updated. With a CMS such as WordPress, making changes to your website is simple. Need to update your phone number? No problem. Want to add a new blog post? WordPress allows you to easily do that. WordPress training (either on-site or via Skype) is a part of every web design package we offer. You will also receive a training manual that is customized to your website.  We want your website to work for you.

Why do we use WordPress? For two main reasons. First, it is free. As an open source software, this saves our clients money. In addition, we just really like the fact that they main goal of WordPress is to do good and help others. There is an amazing community of both paid staff and volunteers that work tirelessly to make WordPress better each day. It’s hard not to support that.

Second, some of the largest corporations in the world use WordPress. You can see who they are here. We figure if it is good enough for these companies, it is good enough for us.

Additional Services

Based on your needs, we offer additional services.  Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Hosting Set Up
  • Domain Name Registration Assistance
  • Content Creation
  • Email Set Up Through Google Apps for Businesses
  • Sermon and/or Podcast Website Integration
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Maintenance Plans
  • Premium (paid) WordPress Themes (this means better support for you!)
  • Calendar Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics Integration



Each website we create is also equipped with regular backups. We will show you how to access those backups and restore your website.  If you choose to use our maintenance plan, then should you ever need to, we will gladly restore your website from a back up for you.




Whether you need a logo or a postcard, we can help.  Each design starts with an in depth consultation to discover your needs.  You will receive your design in several different formats so that future changes can be made easily and your design is portable.  You own your design!  Check out some of our recent designs here.