Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website, inform your customers, gain credibility and allows you to share your voice. Whether you are writing a personal blog or one on behalf of your organization, adding a post to your WordPress website is simple.

Before we tell you HOW to blog, let us give you a few specifics on WHY you should blog.


Almost half (47% to be exact) of buyers read 3-5 pieces of content before interacting with a sales rep. (Next Gen Report, 2016)

This makes sense. No one likes to talk to sales reps (sorry sales reps) if they don’t have to. Blog posts allow potential customers to dip their toes in the water before taking any leaps.



Most people ignore paid ads. Between 70-80% of people ignore ads and focus on organic results (Search Engine Journal, 2016).

In plain English. When you type a query into Google, how often do you look at the ads on the side and how often do you look at the ads verses the search results? Chances are you take a look at the search results first and ignore the ads. Blogging helps you gain a better place in search results by providing rich content.


81% of consumers conduct research online before making big purchases (Retailing Today, 2015). 

Your blog can provide valuable information to shoppers. It is an opportunity to further show them what makes your product or service stand apart. For instance, if you sell furniture, a blog post about the durability and stain resistance of your latest fabrics will have mothers everywhere saying, “Sold!”.


How to Add a Blog Post to Your WordPress Website

Take a look at either option below to get started adding posts to your website. No website or a website without a blog? No problem! Contact Nash Creative Co. today to get a blog set up!