Welcome to our first post in a series we are calling “Tip Tuesday”. Since starting Nash Creative Co. almost 5 years ago, I’ve learned that they key to making a small business work is to make money, save money and save time. As we all know, this is easier said than done.  Thankfully, there are several resources that can help. Today,  I will share a few resources that we use to save thousands of dollars each year.

One of the most important aspects of any form of advertising are images. Experts will tell you to invest the time and money into professional photos. I agree. That being said, not every small business has this, especially if you are looking for something eye catching for a blog post or a social media promotion. Let’s be honest, you are an accountant, you probably don’t want to hire a photographer to take pictures of your adding machine for a Facebook post reminding your clients to make their tax appointments.

That’s where stock photos come in. These are photos that are generic in nature, but can still help your message make a splash. Some stock photos cost money and the prices can be a bit hefty. Others are completely free, but are only available for personal use. Be sure to check with the license on the stock photo you use in order to avoid any legal problems. Below is a list of our favorite stock photo sites.  All or free or very low cost.


Unsplash offers completely free photos. You can use these high resolution photos for personal and commercial purposes. The Unsplash library is always growing, so check back if you don’t originally see what you are looking for.


Like Unsplash, Pexels offers completely free photos. The difference is that they collect photos from all over the web and put them in once place.  This includes photos from Unsplash. The downside is that some of the photos leave a bit to be desired, which is why Unsplash tends to be our go to resource first.

Creative Market

Creative Market offers photos of varying costs, but most are reasonably priced. The license may change depending on the photo, so be sure to read the fine print.

Flickr/Creative Commons Licenses

Flickr offers several photos that can be used on blogs, ads, etc. for free. Each photo carries its own criteria on where and how it can be used, but Flickr has made it easy to figure out how a particular photo can be used. Photos have icons that let you know if you need to credit the photographer, whether or not a photo can be used for commercial purposes, and whether you can alter the photo in any way.

There you have it!  A few sites to help you grow you business without breaking the bank!